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The best part…

Today was the best part of the trip. I got to teach a freshman Geography class at Ng’Iresi Secondary school! Everyone else got to speak to a freshman class as well. I think everyone really enjoyed it and the African students were great. We shopped around town and learned about tanzanite, a gemstone only found in Tanzania.


Hello everyone, this is Amanda. I am a graduate student in the Geography Department’s Geo-Spatial Science Program and an assistant for the Physical Geography field labs. I am from the ‘big town’ of Lutts, TN (you may have seen one of the numerous signs pointing to there, but probably never actually been there.) I graduated from Waterloo High School. I have a long background at UNA. I received my BA in Sociology and my MA Ed in Secondary Education from UNA. I am also a firefighter/EMT. I love helping people and teaching all ages. I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors - from gardening to kayaking, to camping and hiking.

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2 Responses to “The best part…”

  1. Hey Amanda,

    Sounds like things are going great.
    I know that you are having a good time. Are you homesick yet?

    Posted by Katina Smith | May 25, 2012, 2:12 am
  2. hello Amanda as my name shown above
    am among of the fist intake students at the school which you have tought geography, i real appreciate your contribution to this young school
    then how can i get full access to YUNA scholarship?
    if posibo make me know though 0766 446411

    Posted by MOSSES EMMANUEl | January 24, 2015, 7:08 pm

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