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Bienvenidos a Honduras — Welcome to Honduras!

Buenos Dias! We are officially in Honduras! The entire crew was very excited and in great sprits despite the lack of sleep.  We had all been up for close to 25 hours!

We had all heard horror stories about the landing in Tigucigalpa Honduras airport. It is the second most dangerous airport to land in the world but beside a little turbulence and a fast, hard landing it was not to bad.  Everyone on the plane did cheer and clap when the plane was safely down and had slowed.

Upon landing, We had to wait in customs for our bags to get checked… remember that we are all carrying an extra bag packed full of all kinds of medication and medical equipment.  They went through almost all of our bags individually and we had to explain the purpose of all we carried.  The custom agents ending up liking us( thank goodness) and let us bring everything into the country.

After the airport, we all piled in to an old yellow school bus and we heading to the mall for food and believe it or not a Wal-mart visit!

The next part of the adventure was to take the school bus up into the mountains of Honduras.  There are no paved roads. They are all rocks and dirt and most only wide enough to accompany one car at a time, at least once you get out of the city.  The bus winded up curvy mountain roads with cliffs up to 60 ft just a few feet away from where we were driving.    

We arrived at the camp, unpacked had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and started packing more pills for clinic in the morning!  More to come…. :)


Hey Everyone!! My name is Alyssa Pounders and I am a 4th level nursing student at the University of North Alabama. I am currently set to graduate December of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Whenever I am not busy studying I love to go out for a run or hit the Tennessee River on jet-ski's. Basically other than that, I am busy living the fun filled life of a 22 year old college girl. I earn my money by waitressing and working at a local hospital. This August I plan to take an educational adventure to Honduras and 7 of my fellow nursing students are coming with me. We have the guidance of Mrs. Charlotte Cramer our nursing instructor who will be coming along with us. Follow and keep up with my blog and I'll fill you in on all of our exciting adventures in Honduras!

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One Response to “Bienvenidos a Honduras — Welcome to Honduras!”

  1. Love reading the blogs and keeping up with your experiences there! I am very proud of UNA Nursing students and know that this experience will be one you will never forget and you will learn valuable lessons that you will carry with you forever! I’m so glad my daughter, Victoria is having this experience. Keep the blogs coming!!! I’m saying prayers for each of you daily!!

    Posted by Julie Echols | August 5, 2012, 8:43 pm

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