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San Felip Hospital visit is today!! First we got to go into the maternity ward where we got to see a little baby girl born! It is soooo different then the states.

The 4th levels and Mrs. Cramer about to go into the Maternity ward

Victoria said that walking into the maternity ward of the hospital was like stepping back in time.   I can only compare it to watching an episode of MASH on TV.  One of the doctors asked us if we used paper charts like theirs back in the states.

Jeremiah in the wheelchair at the hospital.

When we told him that we use computer charting mostly they all laughed and shrugged their shoulders.  All of the laboring women share one room, where they bare all.  When we walked in there was 6 women laboring.  They were wearing old ragged hospital gowns that did not cover much.  The doctor came into the room and would check the dilation of all the women back to back, only changing gloves between each.  The room was very crowded with 5 of us and several Honduran medical students.  Once a woman would be ready to push, they would move them by an old stretcher into a room by themselves.  Natural childbirth is really the only option for these women.

The labor room where the women actually deliver. I couldn’t take a pic of all the beds with all the pregnant ladies in the same room. They were not decent. This gives you an idea.

San Felip only takes non-complicated pregnancy cases.  They are able to do C-sections if necessary but they do not schedule them.

The nursery, where the babies go to get checked out right after they are born.

After getting to see the childbirth we had lunch and headed to an “anatomy class”.

The students were all dissecting human cadavers, something that we do not get to see much in the states.  They let us all glove up and review the anatomy of the cadaver.  It was intense and the smell was overtaking. Today is our last night in Honduras so we will need to pack and get everything ready to head back on the plane tomorrow morning.

I am sorry I know it is gross, but this was one of the cadavers.


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