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We set up clinic at the church on the campground in Cofradia.  There is a nursing home located right next to the camp and we got to treat a lot of the nursing home residents.  It was an easy short day.  We only saw about 59 patients.  We normally have clinic till 3 but we ended up only going to noon because we had plans to go to town.

Clinic at Cofradia.

We took the bus to La fundacion de parques nacionales te da la mas, which is a tourist spot.  It is located high up in the mountains with great views and a giant statute of Jesus.  It was kind of nasty weather but everyone just pulled out their ponchos and umbrellas and had fun nonetheless.

Up in the mountains…view of Tigucigalpa

At the statue

We went to downtown Tegucigalpa to go to the supermarket. Everyone wanted to get vanilla extract and coffee to bring home.  We headed back to camp after that for dinner, which was pasta and a type of gumbo.  They have been feeding us wonderfully here and the food is delicious!

The guys took Jeremiah and me out frog hunting and exploring the woods to entertain us.  After the frog hunting we decided to build a small fire on the soccer (futball) field.  We went and picked fresh corn off the stalk and cooked it on the campfire.  After it cooked we put butter and cheese on it and ate it. It was amazing!! The Hondurans called the corn Elote loco, which means crazy corn.



It was a great day and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Hey Everyone!! My name is Alyssa Pounders and I am a 4th level nursing student at the University of North Alabama. I am currently set to graduate December of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Whenever I am not busy studying I love to go out for a run or hit the Tennessee River on jet-ski's. Basically other than that, I am busy living the fun filled life of a 22 year old college girl. I earn my money by waitressing and working at a local hospital. This August I plan to take an educational adventure to Honduras and 7 of my fellow nursing students are coming with me. We have the guidance of Mrs. Charlotte Cramer our nursing instructor who will be coming along with us. Follow and keep up with my blog and I'll fill you in on all of our exciting adventures in Honduras!

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