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Today is Wednesday and it has been rather interesting.  It started storming last night and the power was out when we woke up.  No power means that we had no hot water. I had to take a cold shower…it was invigorating!!! 😉  We left the camp for clinics but the route we normally take over the river was flooded from the storms.

Where the bridge is supposed to be.


We had to detour back up the mountain and take a different way to the clinic.  It was only supposed to take us 20 minutes and it ended up taking over an hour, but we made it safe and sound.  The Clinic was in Los Flores community, which is close to a school. We saw 185 patients! The most we saw all week! We stayed at the clinic till close to 5pm because we still had people waiting to be seen.  Some had been waiting since 6 in the morning. I got to treat my first gunshot wound.

Alyssa (me) cleaning and dressing a gunshot wound in patients leg.

people waiting outside the clinic.

We were all exhausted from the long day.  We got back to camp, ate dinner and all went to our rooms to relax.  It had been raining all day and everything outside was wet.  Jeremiah, Mario and Ceasar all had a brilliant idea to jump into a baptism pool in the middle of the camp.  It was the entertainment of the evening.  The water was dirty and ice cold not to mention that it was raining out.

The boys.

After that excitement, me Jordahn and Jeremiah all watched some TV shows on my laptop and the rest of the girls enjoyed some reading.


Hey Everyone!! My name is Alyssa Pounders and I am a 4th level nursing student at the University of North Alabama. I am currently set to graduate December of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Whenever I am not busy studying I love to go out for a run or hit the Tennessee River on jet-ski's. Basically other than that, I am busy living the fun filled life of a 22 year old college girl. I earn my money by waitressing and working at a local hospital. This August I plan to take an educational adventure to Honduras and 7 of my fellow nursing students are coming with me. We have the guidance of Mrs. Charlotte Cramer our nursing instructor who will be coming along with us. Follow and keep up with my blog and I'll fill you in on all of our exciting adventures in Honduras!

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