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Ready or not here I come!-Chelsea Hughes

Ni Hao, ya’ll!

So I have gathered all my things needed for my newest adventure:

Clothes-check, Shoes-check, Toiletries-check, Hair stuff-check, Camera-check, Essentials to Chinese Travel-check, Script-check, Lines memorized-well…that’s what the 13 hour plane ride is for, right?

Ready or not China, HERE I COME!




Chelsea Hughes

I graduated from UNA in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications / Theatre and a minor in Geography. After my first Geography class, I fell in love with the world. I found myself wanting to soak up as many cultures as possible and the best way to do this was to TRAVEL! In 2011 I was able to study theatre in New York City. I lived there 3 months and met people from America, England, Paris, and New Zealand. Our friendships opened so many wonderful doors, one being my first trip out of the country. In 2012, I got the amazing opportunity to stay with a friend for two weeks in London. All of these experiences not only have made me a better actress, but a better human being. Follow me on my next adventure of learning and exploring this beautiful world, and remember: “Not all who wander are lost.”

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