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Geofrey the Suitcase

So, since I bought so many souvenirs in China, I had to have another suitcase to get it all back to America. I had planned on getting an inexpensive, designer suitcase to take my things back to America in.


Things didn’t really go as planned. I had ran out of money and my credit card would not let me withdraw money. Luckily, Dr. Gordon and several other friends let me borrow money until I could pay them back in America. So, I ventured to Culture Street with David, Caleb, and Chelsea to find a cute suitcase.


The struggle was tough. There were not very many suitcases to choose from, and they were all fairly expensive. I finally settled for one that was 200 Yuan (40 American dollars) and was said to be real leather. I borrowed some money and bought it.


The suitcase looked like an old man’s suitcase, so I named him Geofrey, with one F. My suitcase was the laughing joke the remainder of the day and I just decided to laugh about my unfortunate purchase. I had to ride in the front seat with Geofrey in the cab and the driver definitely got some entertainment out of that.


When I returned to campus with Geofrey, another girl showed us her vintage, adorable suitcase she purchase for half of what Geofrey cost me. I just hung my head and went to pack Geofrey.


He fit all my stuff and more. Thanks Geofrey.

Kaitlin Chappell

Ni hao! My name is Kaitlin Chappell. I am a junior (soon to be senior) at the University of North Alabama. I am majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in marketing. My dream is to be a news reporter and eventually an anchor on Good Morning America. I love to talk and I love to meet new people and hear their stories. I love love and laughing. Coffee shops are one of my obsessions. Traveling is another. I will be studying abroad in China for three weeks at Tian Jian University. I will be exploring several different areas of China, learning the language and customs, and meeting the people. I will blog and post pictures and videos to capture my trip. Join me on my adventures in the great land of China.

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