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Our Dear Friend, Helen

Helen’s Restaurant and Bar is frequented by Americans as well as visitors from all over the country. It offers delicious food, American music, and an environment that makes you feel at home even in the middle of China.


We went to Helen’s several times. The first night we went, several of our cabs got lost. My cab actually got dropped off across the street and we had to basically scale a wall in the middle of the highway. Just before going to KFC for directions, we found our friends and found Helen’s.


When you walk in to Helen’s, it seems very sketchy and run-down. There is a stairwell you have to go up and you feel like you are in a scene from Saw, but THEN you enter a warm, cozy pub with flags representing different countries and low lights that set the mood for a relaxing night.


As soon as we walked in the first night, “No Diggity” was playing and we knew we were in an American place. We had delicious food and got to dance and sing with other Americans from Florida and people from all over the U.S. and the world.


Helen’s made us feel right at home. We visited there a few times and went one last time a few nights before we left Tianjin. Saying goodbye to Helen’s was hard. She will be missed.

Kaitlin Chappell

Ni hao! My name is Kaitlin Chappell. I am a junior (soon to be senior) at the University of North Alabama. I am majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in marketing. My dream is to be a news reporter and eventually an anchor on Good Morning America. I love to talk and I love to meet new people and hear their stories. I love love and laughing. Coffee shops are one of my obsessions. Traveling is another. I will be studying abroad in China for three weeks at Tian Jian University. I will be exploring several different areas of China, learning the language and customs, and meeting the people. I will blog and post pictures and videos to capture my trip. Join me on my adventures in the great land of China.

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