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Silk Market Hagglin’

The silk market was beyond what I even imagined it to be. There were thousands of shops on the many floors of the huge mall/market. There were clothes, bags, scarves, jewelry, accessories, and so much more.


I was on a mission for purses, along with several other girls. We haggled and argued with some very rude ladies, and some very kind ones, before we got our prizes. I got some fabulous purses and they were at a price I was pleased with.


The women and men in the stores would yell, “Hey lady! Hey pretty lady! Come get a purse!” We were yelled at constantly. They would get there calculators out, tell you they know you are rich Americans, and go to work on their bargaining.


We made several great purchases, and after dinner, Whitney and I heard that the sunglasses were extremely cheap. We scarfed down all three helpings of the pizza and other food and darted to the stores with Ray Ban sunglasses.


Needless to say, we both bought several pairs for extremely cheap prices. The silk market was good to me, but it took the rest of my money.

Kaitlin Chappell

Ni hao! My name is Kaitlin Chappell. I am a junior (soon to be senior) at the University of North Alabama. I am majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in marketing. My dream is to be a news reporter and eventually an anchor on Good Morning America. I love to talk and I love to meet new people and hear their stories. I love love and laughing. Coffee shops are one of my obsessions. Traveling is another. I will be studying abroad in China for three weeks at Tian Jian University. I will be exploring several different areas of China, learning the language and customs, and meeting the people. I will blog and post pictures and videos to capture my trip. Join me on my adventures in the great land of China.

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  1. I feel as though when poelpe are exposed to other cultures, especially when they are living in another culture, they gain a different perspective on ideas, values and norms that they do not see within their own culture. For instance, in the United States, news tends to be biased toward America and/or favor certain aspects of a political party but if you are in another part of the World poelpe living there may have a completely different take on that topic and you have the ability to understand why they have this different perspective. Also, developing new norms and ways of life living somewhere else helps to develop different ways of doing simple daily activities that are done differently in different areas of the world. This would lead to thinking about even the smallest details from different angles and seeing them differently. I believe all of this leads to poelpe gaining the ability to learn new things and taking different perspective on life and ways of life allows us to be more innovative and think things through the ideas of others rather than just our own or the ideas we have grown up with all of our lives. Personally I have never been out of the United States and I feel as though not seeing other cultures and areas of the World may inhibit my creativity as I do not find myself to be artistic. However, I believe just the ability to hear many points and perspectives from various poelpe has led to enhancing my critical thinking abilities.

    Posted by Cielo | February 17, 2016, 10:36 pm

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