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Philly to Qatar

Our group is about an hour away from boarding our flight from Philadelphia to Doha, Qatar. It’s about a 12 hour flight to the richest country per capita in the world (average income is more than $100,000 a person!)

Some folks in our group decided to stay up all of last night and through the flight in hopes of conquering the jet lag; others (like myself) couldn’t keep our eyes open on even the short flight from Huntsville to Atlanta. Regardless of what sleeping pattern each group member chose, we will all be exhausted upon landing in Qatar.

Robby Thompson

Robby Thompson received his diploma in the morning and jumped on a plane in the afternoon bound for Tanzania. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Geography and will begin his Masters of Science in Geospatial Science at UNA this summer. Robby studied in Schmalkalden, Germany in 2012 with the Magellan program, then Paris over Spring Break with UNA Study Abroad. Follow his next Study Abroad adventure, will it be his best?

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