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The Trek up the Purple Mountain

Today, a group of us went to the Purple Mountain. It’s called that because of how it appears to be purple at dusk and dawn, unfortunately we didn’t get to see this, but regardless of that, our trip to the mountain was fantastic. Our approach to the mountain felt surreal, because at one moment we were in the middle of the urban sprawl, and the next we were on a small road inside a dense forest. After hopping from city to city the past several days it was strange being surrounded by green leaves and the fresh smell of pine and other trees. I can see how it could be a great getaway for local city dwellers.
After a long day of hiking to different points of interest on the mountain, we headed back to get some pizza and squid (it is almost as good as the scorpion we had in Beijing!). Now, we’re taking a taxi back to the hotel. I’m sitting here taking in the organized chaos of the Chinese streets that I’ve already gotten accustomed to. I only have a week left in China, and I’ve begun to wonder how I will feel once I return back to the States. I obviously miss my family, but will I have a newfound appreciation for things I overlooked about life in the American South, or will I find myself missing the unfamiliar sights and smells of China? Maybe both, I suppose. I guess I’ll find out soon. In the meantime, I will be beginning to pack for the bullet train tomorrow to Shanghai. I already know more adventures are awaiting us there.

Colton McCormick

Colton McCormick, from Savannah, Tennessee has just finished his freshman year. He hopes his Study Abroad experience may help solidify his interest and help him in declaring a major. Before entering UNA, he has been to England, France and Italy, but has always wanted to travel to China. Follow his adventure.

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