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One Final Note

Traveling is not easy. Snaffoos and snags such as airlines losing luggage, missed flights, and severe jet lag are all very real downsides of traveling (and we experienced them all). However, the desire and determination to overcome these temporary ailments gets you through and delivers you safely home to relay endless stories and gift wonderful souvenirs– equipped with an incredible and unrivaled experience.

I could compose a generic and uninteresting post about the conclusion of our UNA Tanzania study abroad and make an obvious connection to the end of our African adventure to a sunset picture of Zanzibar. BUT, that would insinuate a static end to a quite oppositely dynamic experience. Instead, I’ll hold off on words and let you draw your own conclusion from some of my favorite photos of the trip. Thanks for reading, and don’t just take my word on the intricate beauty of Africa and the wonders of traveling– go see for yourself!

IMG_2484 IMG_2487 IMG_2526 IMG_2554 IMG_2585 IMG_2590 IMG_2605 IMG_2640 IMG_2696 IMG_2716

Robby Thompson

Robby Thompson received his diploma in the morning and jumped on a plane in the afternoon bound for Tanzania. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Geography and will begin his Masters of Science in Geospatial Science at UNA this summer. Robby studied in Schmalkalden, Germany in 2012 with the Magellan program, then Paris over Spring Break with UNA Study Abroad. Follow his next Study Abroad adventure, will it be his best?

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