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Chinatown, China

Even though I didn’t have plans at the beginning of the day, I did end up having an adventure and I wasn’t disappointed. After class, one of the other group members, Kristen, and I went to Shanghai’s Chinatown. It is slightly ironic that a Chinese city would have a Chinatown, but it makes sense considering how much western influence and modernization has occurred in Shanghai. Kristen and I began exploring the markets in Chinatown and we finally got the hang of bargaining. It was hard for me at first, but after you lose some of that initial fear of haggling with a stranger it becomes a really fun experience. It’s unfortunate that we would finally get better at bargaining near the end of the trip. We decided to find something to eat in Chinatown, and we discovered this amazing second floor teahouse. The tea was delicious and the noodles and dumplings were incredible. Best of all, it was very cheap! It was probably the best meal I’ve had since I’ve been in China. After that, we met up with some more people to celebrate one of Bruce Gordon’s, one of the professors on the trip, son’s birthday by singing karaoke. We were all blown away by one of the group members showing us their hidden talent for singing. It’s been great how all of the group members grow close enough with each other to sing karaoke together. After spending so much time together we start to feel like one big family. We only have two days left, and I’m sad to see the trip coming to an end. For that reason we will be making the most out of the next 48 hours.

Colton McCormick

Colton McCormick, from Savannah, Tennessee has just finished his freshman year. He hopes his Study Abroad experience may help solidify his interest and help him in declaring a major. Before entering UNA, he has been to England, France and Italy, but has always wanted to travel to China. Follow his adventure.

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