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There and Back Again

So I think I’ve finally recovered from jet lag. Some people can recover in a few days and others will take a few weeks. The best thing to do is try to figure out what time you’ll arrive at your final destination and plan when you sleep accordingly. By the end of your journey you will be exhausted regardless.
Even if I had been jet lagged for two weeks, it would have been worth it. This trip to China has been one of the highlights of my life. Getting to see pieces of ancient China, like the Great Wall, exploring the urban sprawls, and meeting all kinds of people were priceless experiences. There really wasn’t anything about the trip that was bad or that I would take back.
I want to thank Bruce Gordon and the Garfrerick’s for doing so much for us during the trip. I would love to take any of their study abroad classes again. I also want to thank Ning Wang for being a great translator and friend during the trip. It wouldn’t have been the same (or as great) without you! We really had a great group, and I always knew I had people that I could rely on while I was there. I hope I continue to see all of them even though the trip is over. I would study abroad again in a heartbeat, and I hope to go to China in the near future. If you’re even considering studying abroad, do it. You won’t regret it at all. It will change your life.


Colton McCormick

Colton McCormick, from Savannah, Tennessee has just finished his freshman year. He hopes his Study Abroad experience may help solidify his interest and help him in declaring a major. Before entering UNA, he has been to England, France and Italy, but has always wanted to travel to China. Follow his adventure.

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