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Clinica Número Uno


Today was our first clinic at the Iglesia Cristiana Odre Nuevo in Chiquimula. We were able to see about 150 patients throughout the day! Each person had their blood pressure, pulse, and temperature checked before being sent to a translator to talk about medical problems/complaints. From there, they would wait (in a very long line) to see one of our AMAZING healthcare providers to receive a diagnosis/order for meds. After this, they would bring their order to the pharmacy, where it would be filled and given to them with thorough instructions on proper administration.

To see all of our team come together flawlessly and work so hard was so uplifting. Everyone is so eager to serve these wonderful people of Guatemala. Not only have I learned so much from our great nurses and providers, but I have learned even more from our clients at the clinic. Their gratitude for things we take for granted humbles me in a way that I have never felt before.
(Also, bagged water…. It’s where it’s at!)
Some of our students were also able to present their teaching projects today. They taught hand-washing, dental hygiene, and CPR to a very captive and eager audience! It was so reassuring to see the people demonstrating and putting into practice what they had just learned!
This evening, we were treated to a wonderful meal at a local restaurant called Casa Enoya. The food and staff were excellent! We had such a great time!
Tomorrow we will have another clinic at the City of Refuge. We are expecting a large amount of people, and I am so excited to be able to help and learn from these people!

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