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Goodbye, City of Refuge!


Today our team split up into four different groups and visited different private clinics. The groups went to an OB-GYN clinic, a general practice clinic, a pediatric clinic, and an orthopedics clinic. While we were all spread out today, it was great to be able to share our varying experiences with each other!

This afternoon, we were treated to delicious snow cones from a local business. Later, we were invited to dinner by Dr. Barrientos at his home in Chiquimula. He and his family prepared a delicious meal for us while we enjoyed ourselves in his pool, basketball court, and soccer field!

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Antigua bright and early! While we are sad to say goodbye to the City of Refuge, we are so excited to see the beautiful city!

Mandy Taylor

My name is Mandy Taylor. I am 22 years old. My hometown is Belgreen, AL. I am currently a senior at the University of North Alabama. I am studying Nursing, and will graduate in December, 2015.

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