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The Maasai People


The best part…

Today was the best part of the trip. I got to teach a freshman Geography class at Ng’Iresi Secondary school! Everyone else got to speak to a freshman class as well. I think everyone really enjoyed it and the African students were great. We shopped around town and learned about tanzanite, a gemstone only found in Tanzania.

Found Leo!

A lot has happened since the last post. We shopped at the Maasai market in Arusha and saw the tourist economy there – not my favorite part. Then we went on a safari in Ngorongoro crater. Kudos to our drivers – nothing like African back roads. We saw 4 of the ‘big 5’ – no leopard this time. The lions were very entertaining – sleep was their number one concern. National Geographic has nothing on this one. We also hike up to Engare Sare river gorge and waterfall. It was amazing. Apparently, Dr. Koti finds pirates wherever he goes – … // Read more

Two words for you…

Warm shower!

Pictures of Africa


Pictures of Dubai

Here are some photos of Dubai that I didn’t get to add last time:


Traveled to Arusha by bus today – about a 12 hour ride. Although, the long drive was worth the amazing hotel we get to stay in. (Thanks Dr. Koti and Dr. G.) The driver has done a great job so far, the traffic is still interesting. I have found the best way to survive is just simply, not to look. We got to see a lot of the African country side and there is a major difference between here and Dar. I am gaining a deeper understanding and respect for the African people. This really makes you appreciate home a … // Read more

Our days in Dar

Finally have good internet service. I’ll see if I can catch everyone up… The students from the university came with us and we explored the city on Friday. Dr. Hambati gave us a wonderful tour. We got to see first-hand the urbanization patterns. We also discussed urban planning problems and issues the city is facing.  We got to see Askari monument, Kariakor, Machingo complex and many more place. The best was Coco beach on the Indian Ocean. It was breathtaking! Most of the students are becoming efficient at shopping here. So far, Zack is the best. He can get the … // Read more

University of Dar es Salaam

We went to the University of Dar es Salaam and visited the Geography department. Dr. Hambati, the acting director of the department, gave us a lecture and we toured the campus . We also got to meet some of the Geography students and walked around the outside markets. Crossing the street here is really like playing frogger! The African students think its funny. All is well and everyone is having a great time!

We’re in Africa!

Finally had internet at the airport, most everyone checked their email and grades. We arrived in Dar es Salaam this afternoon. It was a 5 hour plane ride – hats off to Emirates Airlines… First glance of Africa was Somalia. It did not take us a lot of time to check through security – only one lost bag. Sorry, Dr. G.My first impression of Dar was rusty metal roofed shacks all clustered together. It was a massive change from Dubai. The weather is just like being back in Alabama – hot and humid. (Dubai was 112 degrees when we got … // Read more