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Our first week in Europe

The unexpected and expected

Needless to say, this trip has already been filled with dramatic sights and beautiful architecture. It is not surprising that the things my group has seen are extremely surprising. I know that all the UNA study abroad trips are one great experience after another, but why?   The preparation for an excursion like this can be nothing short of taxing. As I sit on 5 a.m. seven hour bus ride from Lima to Nazca, I think about the logistics. Our time is filled with activities of all different types. Every day in the country has been mapped out so the … // Read more

Organized Chaos

Organized chaos. This is how I would describe Lima, the capitol city of Peru. Millions of people and what feels like zero traffic regulation. It was funny watching my classmates cringe on our first bus ride as our driver came within inches form the tiny little car in front of us. Cars in peru come standard with horn cruise control, I think, but I’m glad for it because my gringo self would have been run over numerous times otherwise. I made the observation while walking around the metropolitan city that there were few smokers. Most buildings and rooms had multiple “No Fumar” (no smoking) signs. When I traveled … // Read more

This suitcase isn’t going to pack it self…Anybody?

Preparing to travel is one of my biggest fears, other than the creepy porcelain dolls my sister used to collect. My best work is done through the art and stress of procrastination, and this suitcase will be no different. I am arguably the best at packing too many clothes, most of which are not suitablefor where I am going. This lack of wardrobe prep bothers me little, though, because I am excited about the places I am about to see in Peru, and the foods and cultures I get to experience.   When I turned 18 and moved away from home, I made a 20 point bucket list. So far, I have completed … // Read more