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Running and watching movies in the airport

  Watch us as we fight trolls and ride dragons back to the United States and and…..I’m just kidding. We had a whole day of traveling to get back home. It was a sad/happy thing for us because we are going back to one family while we are leaving another. I think that everyone can say that they had an amazing time here in Costa Rica. I’m the only one that’s screaming in any of the clips. It was so bad that when I went skipping through the Huntsville Airport, I got a “Bless their hearts” from Brandon. I’m going … // Read more

Climing a volcano and jumping off a waterfall only to be chased by a dinosaur

  Ha! You guys probably really thought that I jumped off a waterfall, didn’t you? Nope, I’m still here. 😛 Although, I did jump into a waterfall when we visited La Fortuna. It was FREEZING! I almost turned into a popsicle, but I would do it again and next time I will bring a body suit. The walk down was about 20 minutes and then due to our enthusiasm, we made it back up in 10, maybe 15 minutes. It doesn’t look like I’m running up the stairs, but I’m taking those suckers two at a time and it was … // Read more

An adventure through the valley and up the mountain

  This is my last adventure through the central valley. Ah, I’m so sad! It was a lot of fun because I got to go back to Heredia and then I got to see two new cities, Barva and San Jose de la Montana. I saw the last two when I went ziplinning and I decided that I really wanted to come back to take a look around. Barva is known for all of the carvings and dolls that you will see in a lot of the shops and on the sidewalks. It’s super funny because you will be walking … // Read more

Flying solo in Santa Barbara

Ah! I visited Santa Barbara a few days ago as my first solo trip! I felt really cool walking down the streets, using my fantab Spanish skills. 😉 I have two family members that live here and they were both so excited when I said that I wanted to see the city. They told me that it was a super cute city and a must see. I have to say that they were right about the cute part. I also agree that Costa Ricans really are very proud of their country and their cities.   There is supposed to be … // Read more

Stepping back in time: Visiting Sarchí

Hola! This last weekend we took an amazing trip to Sarchí and Arenal. Sarchí is the famous oxcart city, where a great many of the carts were made and also where the tradition of painting them originated. I enjoyed myself immensely and got some amazing photos of the factory and the carts. The video is kind of long, so I’m going to be short here, but go watch it!! You will loose your mind from pure excitement!   ¡Pura Vida from Costa Rica!    

In ruins

This time we are going to Cartago. This is the second trip that we took with Dillon’s aunt. It was really amazing and is actually my favorite city that I have visited so far because I am madly in love with the ruins. The video is kind of long, but I really wanted you guys to see as much as you possibly could. :)IIt was a surprisingly relaxing day and the views of the mountain were breathtaking. I can only imagine how beautiful it was before the city grew up around the church. Ah! I want to go back so … // Read more

City of Mangos

This is a trip that we took with Wilson’s aunt. It was the first of our excursions, so we were all scampering around like little excited bunnies. It was so cool because there were a bunch of mango trees in the park and I had a pigeon eat out of my hand!! How cool is that?! This is kind of a short post, but I hope that you all enjoy!   ¡Pura Vida from Costa Rica!            

Dancing the Night Away

Hola! This time we are going to Tiquicia in Escazú. It is a beautiful restaurant on the top of the mountain that serves typical Costa Rican food and has a really amazing presentation on Costa Rican dances. The only problem is that it’s only open the first Friday night of the month. We had to drive almost an hour to get to it. Tito was like a ninja driving through the streets around cars, trees, people. I think that I’m going to ask him to teach me how to drive.   I had an awesome time! I love casados, so … // Read more

Ah! So lost!

San Joaquin Plaza   Hola! Today I’m thinking that it’s a good idea to talk about what to do thought lost in Costa Rica. I had the terrible luck of getting lost myself (right after I bragged about being good with directions using landmarks, mind you) and luckily my nephew found me on his way home from work. You want to talk about embarrassing. Right when I realized that I was walking on the wrong street Alejandro walks by, sees me, has the gall to laugh at me, and then walks me home. Then, just to rub salt in my … // Read more

Weekly Market Time

Hola! Today we are going to a local open air market here in San Joaquin. It’s a weekly thing every Friday starting at 9ish and lasts all day. I feel so embarrassed because I was walking around taking videos and talking to the camera and people were either ducking out of the way or looking at me like a was crazy for being excited about fruit. But I really do love fruit. I eat it for breakfast everyday.                 The first time that I went was an activity for UNA and we had … // Read more