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Please Mind The Gap

The past two weeks have been absolutely amazing to put it mildly. London is starting to feel like home and I don’t know how I’m going to force myself back on plane back to America. The city is so full of life that I don’t even want to sleep in on the weekends for fear of missing something.Sorry I don’t have time to write more but I hope you enjoy the selection of photos I’ve taken over the past two weeks.   July 2nd-13th  

A Long Way Down

It’s been a really long and stressful first day filled with TSA checks, flight delays, and lost luggage. On the bright side, I’M IN LONDON!!! I love everything about the city so far and can’t wait to see what the next 23 days have in store for me.  

London Calling

I’m not really sure how to begin this month long journey in London, but I think going to make one last midnight Taco Bell run was a wise decision.  I think when preparing for a trip you go through stages. First comes the excitement stage, where you download every travel app imaginable, and Google “exciting things to do in”. Then comes the realization stage, for me this was realizing my trip was two months away; I was still waiting on my passport, and I hadn’t booked a flight yet. After that is the get stuff done stage, or the “run … // Read more


A group of us went to Oxford, which appears to be similar to Hogwarts. In Oxford we saw New College, New College Garden, The Turf (the oldest pub in Oxford), the tree where Draco Malfoy became a ferret, and ate at a pub where C.S. Lewis frequently sat. One of our group members is writing a short story in the style of C.S. Lewis, so that was really awesome for us to see.   We saw the toured the Bodlian library and went to the “restricted” section of Hogwarts. Apparently, the library has been an academic library for years, yet … // Read more

Research and a Few Pretty Things

We’ve had a few half days here and there where we have requested books and started our research and planning, but TODAY was our first full day at The British Library. I touched and read books and manuscripts that were hundreds of years old, and really made progress on my project. You know those libraries people storm frantically into in movies, trying to save someone or run from the bad guys? Well, I was expecting someone to run in shouting because that is exactly what the reading rooms are like. The past few days have been just as busy as … // Read more

We’ve arrived (finally)!

All of us London-ers are finally together. A few of our group had a few minor problems: getting stuck in the airport for four days, only having one pair of clothes, no shower, etc., so after arriving, everyone was just thankful for a hot shower and food. We’ve been on the go since we arrived. After successfully maneuvering the tube, a scavenger hunt, walking seven miles in four hours with Dr. Bibbee on Independence Day (slight exaggeration, but it felt like it), seeing Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Macbeth in The Globe (amazing), starting our research at The British Library, walking around Westminster Abbey and … // Read more

Our first week in Europe