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The Great Wall

The Great Wall absolutely lived up to its name. It was the most gorgeous piece of work I have ever seen. The history, the beauty, and the spirit of China were all surrounding the entire wall. Our tour guide told us, “You are a hero in China if you climb the Great Wall.”   I was beaming the entire climb. It was a difficult climb and it took me back to the fond memory of Mt. Tai. I climbed the wall with Will and stopped for many pictures along the way. It was so incredible just to be there.   … // Read more

Beijing, Round 1

With a few days left in China, we made a day trip to Beijing. We got to experience Olympic Park and the 798 Art District. Beijing was a completely different world than Tianjin. It was much bigger, and much more upscale.   Olympic Park is very large, and hard to cover in an hour, so we bought a ticket to see inside the Eagle’s Nest, which is where the track and field competitions took place. It was breathtaking to stand where so many incredible athletes have stood. I got my picture taken touching the track with my foot, of course. … // Read more

Fine China

  After arriving in Beijing, we took a bus to Tian Jin Foreign Studies University (TFSU). As the bus drove through the city of Tian Jin, we were all in amazement. It is like nothing I have ever seen. I immediately fell in love with the city.   The university is its own little town. It is absolutely beautiful, and I felt right at home. The dorm rooms are incredibly nice, and there is even a television with a few American channels that I never even wanted to turn on and watch. There was too much fun to be had … // Read more