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Geofrey the Suitcase

So, since I bought so many souvenirs in China, I had to have another suitcase to get it all back to America. I had planned on getting an inexpensive, designer suitcase to take my things back to America in.   Things didn’t really go as planned. I had ran out of money and my credit card would not let me withdraw money. Luckily, Dr. Gordon and several other friends let me borrow money until I could pay them back in America. So, I ventured to Culture Street with David, Caleb, and Chelsea to find a cute suitcase.   The struggle … // Read more

Beijing, Round 1

With a few days left in China, we made a day trip to Beijing. We got to experience Olympic Park and the 798 Art District. Beijing was a completely different world than Tianjin. It was much bigger, and much more upscale.   Olympic Park is very large, and hard to cover in an hour, so we bought a ticket to see inside the Eagle’s Nest, which is where the track and field competitions took place. It was breathtaking to stand where so many incredible athletes have stood. I got my picture taken touching the track with my foot, of course. … // Read more

Host Family Stay

On our second Saturday in China, we got to sleep late and pack to go stay with our host family. I was like a child on Christmas day. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement! Dustin compared it to sorority bid day–Chinese host family style.   We cheered as we heard our friends’ names called to meet their match. When my name got called, everyone cheered and I grabbed my luggage and ran over to meet Hannah, my host! She was so adorable and I was thrilled to take a look inside her life.   Hannah took me along … // Read more

Tour of Haihe River and The Eye

Although all of the experiences we had in China were eventful and breathtaking, the Haihe River Tour was yet another magnificent sight to see. I honestly had to take a second just to soak it all in and really comprehend what I was getting to do.   Americans love to go out on boats during the summer. It’s just an American thing to do. So, we were all naturally excited when we found out we would be traveling down the Haihe River by boat. We were even more excited when we found out we could stand up on top of … // Read more

Our Dear Friend, Helen

Helen’s Restaurant and Bar is frequented by Americans as well as visitors from all over the country. It offers delicious food, American music, and an environment that makes you feel at home even in the middle of China.   We went to Helen’s several times. The first night we went, several of our cabs got lost. My cab actually got dropped off across the street and we had to basically scale a wall in the middle of the highway. Just before going to KFC for directions, we found our friends and found Helen’s.   When you walk in to Helen’s, … // Read more

A Warm Cup of China

I love coffee shops. I just love them. Whenever I travel, I always make sure to visit as many coffee shops as possible. It’s just my thing. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered that there was a coffee shop on the campus we are staying at.   Walan Coffee Shop has Western food and music and some amazing coffee. I came for many meals, coffee breaks, late night chats, and just to hang out and find peace in the midst of a busy trip.   Although it was fairly dirty and the service was terrible, we all … // Read more

People’s Park

    People’s Park is a very famous park in China, but I have learned that people in China say that everything in China is famous. I have figured out that famous might just mean popular. Anyway, the park is incredible. Gorgeous scenery and very peaceful.   The first time I went, there were not many people there– only a few people doing some Tai Chi and calligraphy and some men offering boat rides. However, my next visit included hundreds of people dancing, singing opera, playing instruments, doing Tai Chi and doing calligraphy on the streets.   Two little old … // Read more

Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here

      Two words: Mt. Tai. I have never seen something so astonishing in my entire life. Climbing Mt. Tai was hands down the most phenomenal experience of my twenty years on Earth. That is not an exaggeration.   It was such a challenge and such a struggle to climb up 6,500 steps, but when I finished, I felt like I could conquer the world. We all encouraged each other and pushed ourselves. We even made some Chinese friends along the way! We kept asking how much further and someone finally answered us in English! She told us we … // Read more

True Cultural Experience

Call a cab in New York and call a cab in China and let me know what you think. It is quite a feat to get a cab in the middle of Tian Jin–far more difficult than getting a cab in New York City. With some help from a girl from Florida State University, we finally got a few cabs for our first night out on the town. Only four people can ride in a cab so we all had to split up.   It is hard to even explain the traffic in Tian Jin. There are basically no road … // Read more

Toe Up About Confucius

     Confucius is one of the most well-known philosophers in history, and we got the privilege of touring different areas related to his life. It was incredibly interesting to see the history all around me. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous.   Aside from the gorgeous scenery and fascinating history around me, all I could think about was the toe I stubbed the day before. My poor little pinky toe was in so much pain. (I’m a baby, I know).   It started pouring down rain, and I had forgotten my rain jacket. After getting soaked, I remembered that I … // Read more