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People’s Park

    People’s Park is a very famous park in China, but I have learned that people in China say that everything in China is famous. I have figured out that famous might just mean popular. Anyway, the park is incredible. Gorgeous scenery and very peaceful.   The first time I went, there were not many people there– only a few people doing some Tai Chi and calligraphy and some men offering boat rides. However, my next visit included hundreds of people dancing, singing opera, playing instruments, doing Tai Chi and doing calligraphy on the streets.   Two little old … // Read more

Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here

      Two words: Mt. Tai. I have never seen something so astonishing in my entire life. Climbing Mt. Tai was hands down the most phenomenal experience of my twenty years on Earth. That is not an exaggeration.   It was such a challenge and such a struggle to climb up 6,500 steps, but when I finished, I felt like I could conquer the world. We all encouraged each other and pushed ourselves. We even made some Chinese friends along the way! We kept asking how much further and someone finally answered us in English! She told us we … // Read more