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‘Resurrecting’ an Ancient Culture

After an early morning of visiting the Uros islands of Lake Titicaca we drove up to the Peruvian ruins of Sillustani. The ruins were incredible and carry a lot of history, but what really amazed me about this place were the views. Sillustani is actually situated on a peninsula and I’m pretty sure that we had just as much fun running around looking for the perfect spot for our next set of pictures. Many of the chullpas, or the tower-like tombs at Sillustani, have been destroyed due to centuries of lightning and normal wear and tear; however, in normal Peruvian … // Read more

The Legend of Hambati

He stands at little over 5 feet tall, but his smile and laughter make him the tallest man in any room. At 44 years old, he has the perfect combination of youthful exuberance and overflowing fountain of knowledge. He captivates a room with stories so masterfully communicated and knee-slapping hilarious. He yells to hippopotamuses and lions on safaris saying, “HEY MAHNNN! WAKE UP! We pay too much money to watch you sleep, hippo!” or “HEY SIMBA! Roll ova, mahn! You are lazy, lion!” He jumps in to sing and dance with Masai (nomadic, cattle herding group in Kenya and Tanzania) … // Read more