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Tour of Haihe River and The Eye

Although all of the experiences we had in China were eventful and breathtaking, the Haihe River Tour was yet another magnificent sight to see. I honestly had to take a second just to soak it all in and really comprehend what I was getting to do.   Americans love to go out on boats during the summer. It’s just an American thing to do. So, we were all naturally excited when we found out we would be traveling down the Haihe River by boat. We were even more excited when we found out we could stand up on top of … // Read more

Twas the Night Before China

Packing, trying to stay awake so I can sleep on the plane, and fighting off a virus: that’s what I am doing as I prepare to leave America and travel to China. I am a terrible packer because I bring way more than I will ever need, but I used vacuum pack bags in order to bring plenty of clothes. I am apparently a very high maintenance traveler, but I’m okay with that. I woke up this morning with a terrible stomach virus. That’s just my luck, by the way. I hope it isn’t an omen of how the trip … // Read more