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Geofrey the Suitcase

So, since I bought so many souvenirs in China, I had to have another suitcase to get it all back to America. I had planned on getting an inexpensive, designer suitcase to take my things back to America in.   Things didn’t really go as planned. I had ran out of money and my credit card would not let me withdraw money. Luckily, Dr. Gordon and several other friends let me borrow money until I could pay them back in America. So, I ventured to Culture Street with David, Caleb, and Chelsea to find a cute suitcase.   The struggle … // Read more

Twas the Night Before China

Packing, trying to stay awake so I can sleep on the plane, and fighting off a virus: that’s what I am doing as I prepare to leave America and travel to China. I am a terrible packer because I bring way more than I will ever need, but I used vacuum pack bags in order to bring plenty of clothes. I am apparently a very high maintenance traveler, but I’m okay with that. I woke up this morning with a terrible stomach virus. That’s just my luck, by the way. I hope it isn’t an omen of how the trip … // Read more