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Farewell Tianjin

Our farewell dinner was so lovely and so bittersweet. I was not ready to leave China at all, especially the university.   The people were so kind to us and I had made such good friends there. They served us a huge feast similar to the one served at our welcome dinner. We all laughed about memories we had made while in China and heard the final words from the university president.   The food was delicious and the friendships were so very warm. Tianjin Foreign Studies University treated us like royalty and I am forever grateful.    

Tour of Haihe River and The Eye

Although all of the experiences we had in China were eventful and breathtaking, the Haihe River Tour was yet another magnificent sight to see. I honestly had to take a second just to soak it all in and really comprehend what I was getting to do.   Americans love to go out on boats during the summer. It’s just an American thing to do. So, we were all naturally excited when we found out we would be traveling down the Haihe River by boat. We were even more excited when we found out we could stand up on top of … // Read more

China week 2

Week two in China has been great! It started off with us visiting a local high school and talking and answering questions the students had. The visit to the school was definitely a great comparison as to how different our education system in America is to that of China. Each classroom had about 40-50 students in it, all crammed into a small room with no air conditioning. It was about 85 degrees the day we visited, and it felt like 95 in the classroom. The students gave us a presentation about Chinese culture, dance, and food. After they did the … // Read more

Confucius Say?

Man, where to begin! Woke up at 5am to get ready for our excursion to Qufu, which is where Confucius lived throughout his life and is buried at. It took about six hours to get there from Tianjin, and I slept most of the way there. (Sleeping is real hard to do in Tianjin. The city is loud with horns and people yelling all night long). Once we finally arrived in Qufu, we got lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. It was very fancy and they served us food like we had at our welcoming banquet a few days ago. … // Read more