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From Stranger to Family

We’ve had a few days to settle in here in Cusco. The food is great, the people are hospitable and it’s quickly becoming a home away from home. Here is Kayla’s story of her first day. This morning I woke up with the startling realization that later today I was going to meet the family that I would spend the rest of my time with in Peru. Nervousness and sheer excitement pulsed through me the entire flight to Cusco. When we arrived at the airport, the coordinators at the school greeted us. They then took us in a van to … // Read more

Fine China

  After arriving in Beijing, we took a bus to Tian Jin Foreign Studies University (TFSU). As the bus drove through the city of Tian Jin, we were all in amazement. It is like nothing I have ever seen. I immediately fell in love with the city.   The university is its own little town. It is absolutely beautiful, and I felt right at home. The dorm rooms are incredibly nice, and there is even a television with a few American channels that I never even wanted to turn on and watch. There was too much fun to be had … // Read more