Oral History Interviews: TVHS and UNA

In the fall of 2012 the Tennessee Valley Historical Society and the Public History program University of North Alabama launched a collaborative oral history project to help to tell the stories of people across the Shoals area and to record the their histories for future generations. As more interviews are conducted this page will be updated.
Please click on the names of the interviewee’s below for transcripts of their interviews (more interviews will be uploaded as available)


Rev. Laura Thompson (Fall 2012)
Rev. Otis Smith (Fall 2012)
Col. Arthur D. Graves (Fall 2012)
Rev. B.J. Bonner (Fall 2012)
Bill Gober (Spring 2013)
Louise Hyler (Fall, 2012)
Rev. Jerry Reeves (Fall, 2012)
Arthur Weaver (Fall, 2012)
Wendall Wilkie Gunn (Fall, 2013)
Richard Sheridan (Fall, 2014)
Robert Perry (Fall, 2014)
Phyllis Shoemaker (Fall, 2014)
Janice Metcalf (Fall, 2014)
Anita Cobb (Fall, 2014)
Dr. Felice Green (Winter, 2014-2015)
Tom McKnight (Spring, 2015)
Liz Anderson (Spring, 2015)
Dick Cooper (Spring, 2015)