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Week 2 in China

Week two in China has been great! It started off with us visiting a local high school and talking and answering questions the students had. The visit to the school was definitely a great comparison as to how different our education system in America is to that of China. Each classroom had about 40-50 students in it, all crammed into a small room with no air conditioning. It was about 85 degrees the day we visited, and it felt like 95 in the classroom. The students gave us a presentation about Chinese culture, dance, and food. After they did the presentation on food, they gave Andy and I a Tomato on a Stick. They said it was a local tradition. It was delicious. The food here in China is definitely great. I am going to miss it a lot when we go back to America. This weekend, we done a homestay. Each student was paired up with a Chinese student and we stayed overnight with them and their family. It was a great experience. Not many Chinese families allow


My name is Josh Hale. I am a Junior majoring in Business Geography. I anticipate graduating in Fall 2013. I am from a small town in Tennessee, and this is my first experience traveling outside the United States. I am looking forward to seeing the country of China from a geographical perspective as well as a business one. I hope to give my followers an idea of exactly how life is in China, and hope to enhance their knowledge of one of the upcoming economic powers of the world.

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