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We had clinic in Los Ploscentos on Monday and saw a total of 133 patients. I was part of the Pharmacy team this day with Taylor and Rebecca.

The pharmacy

The patient’s would bring their paper to us after the doctor had written the medications to give and we would fill the orders.  Then I would take the prescribed medication and explain how to take it with the help of a translator.  We had a wide variety of medications such as: antibiotics, anti-parasite, anti-inflammatories, pyretic, anti-diabetics, vitamins, prenatals, diuretics ect.

We meet the coolest little fellow at Los Ploscentos! His name was Jair and he is 3 years old.  Jair has a chromosomal abnormality.  He has a brother that is 10 years old now that has the same abnormality as Jair.

From right to left: Victoria, Alyssa (me), Jair, Jordahn, Rebecca, Valerie, and Kaitlin.

After the clinic we headed back to the camp where most of us took a much needed and deserved nap.  We woke up to go and play “football” again before dinner! We played USA and Nelson (one of the translators), vs. Honduras.  Believe it or not team USA won 2-1.  We would have never won without Nelson on our team though!!

Dinner was delicious they made us fajitas!


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