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Night Train to Nanjing

If you have never been on a night train before, you should know that it will be an unforgettable experience if you ever do. You’ll probably be a little nervous, but you will probably have a lot of fun too, especially if you’re sharing a room with your friends. Think of it as one big sleepover on wheels. I think that makes it sound less intimidating! After the twelve hour train ride, we went straight to our hotels so we could get showers (hallelujah!), and after that, we visited two factories. The first factory we visited was a bible printing factory and the second was a Mazda car manufacturing factory. I believe we all have these preconceptions of what Chinese factories probably look like, but these factories were actually very nice. Dr. Gordon made a point of saying they were some of the nicest factories he had ever seen. After we visited the factories, we went and got dinner near an old Confucian temple. The food was delicious, and the scenery was amazing. The streets were an interesting mix of modern stores but with traditional Chinese tile roofs. Nanjing is already turning out to be a beautiful place. We’ll see what the city has in store for us tomorrow.


Colton McCormick

Colton McCormick, from Savannah, Tennessee has just finished his freshman year. He hopes his Study Abroad experience may help solidify his interest and help him in declaring a major. Before entering UNA, he has been to England, France and Italy, but has always wanted to travel to China. Follow his adventure.

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