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Our First Day in Shanghai

Shanghai is extremely different from the other cities we’ve visited. As a port city, Shanghai has had a lot of western influence, and you can see that influence in its architecture. While there are typical Chinese traditional buildings, there are many European style buildings. Our first day there we explored the city and looked for some interesting places to eat. In one of the art centers of the city, we found a bathroom themed restaurant called More Than Toilet. We also found a restaurant where they bring a live cat to your table with your meal that just sits there while you eat. Afterwards, we made our way to the Bund, a must see location that gives you a perfect view of Shanghai’s famous high rises. It is an absolutely gorgeous view, especially at night. Today, we are visiting another car factory outside of Shanghai, some of the city’s interesting skyscrapers, and a colorful museum covering the city’s history. I’m glad we have a week in Shanghai because there seems to be an endless array of places to explore here.


Colton McCormick

Colton McCormick, from Savannah, Tennessee has just finished his freshman year. He hopes his Study Abroad experience may help solidify his interest and help him in declaring a major. Before entering UNA, he has been to England, France and Italy, but has always wanted to travel to China. Follow his adventure.

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