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The City of Refuge Clinic

I woke up & looked over the balcony to see people beginning to line up for the clinic. We saw 285 patients today. One lady walked FIVE hours with her two children to receive healthcare. Yesterday I saw an elderly man who walked four hours to get to the clinic. Yet the people are still waiting in line patiently to be cared for. I cannot help but constantly think about how much we take for granted in the United States.

Our team consists of 23 members…it has been amazing being a part of a unified team. It gets so busy yet everyone is so gracious & patient with one another. It’a awesome to see our professors hard at work. We are able to work alongside them while learning at the same time.
There are several sections that made up our clinic: triage, a waiting area to see providers where teaching is being done, an area where patients are being assessed by healthcare professionals, the pharmacy, a station for basic labs, and areas to hand out free items such as clothing or food. As students we rotated in all of these areas; we got to do and learn soo much. We also gave out a lot of clothing and around 2,000lbs of corn & beans! They are so poor yet are the most appreciative people I have ever met. They beam with gratitude anf happiness when they receive a hug, clothing, food, medicine, prayer, or free supplies. The knowledge that we deem as common sense can be life changing for them. Teaching is so important; I’m thankful for how much teaching we are able to do here. Today many students specifically taught about Chikingunya virus, first aid, and diabetes. I primarily worked with the healthcare providers and in the pharmacy today. We saw a variety of patients, young and old, with a variety of diagnoses. I really enjoyed assessing patients and preparing medications in the pharmacy. I have been using the Spanish that I know, as well as learning (and relearning) a lot more. It’s been very helpful conversing with everyone here.

Tonight we finished the evening by enjoying a nice dinner together, having the option of participating in a devotional, eating brownies and going to the hot spring pools. One of my favorite moments at the end of each day is when we all open up and share something that we experienced throughout the day.
Being in Guatemala is a life-changing experience that I will never forget.

Bonnie Brzytwa

In case you were wondering, someone threw up alphabet soup and created my last name, which is Polish. I like to seek out adventure, find the beauty in everything, and enjoy the little things in life. I'll graduate in December with a degree in Nursing; I cannot wait to live out my passion daily -- to serve, care for, and aid in the healing of others. I love people.

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