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Alabama Home Sweet Home

Friday is the day we packed out bags and headed back to the states! It was a bitter sweet day!  Most of us were starting to miss our family, friends and most definitely pets. We had to leave the camp at 8:30am and our flight was due out of Tegucigalpa at 12:05.   We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare for lunch at Mcdonalds.  We checked all of our bags, then we had to pay a $38 tax to get out of the country. We had to fill out 2 customs reports about what we … // Read more


San Felip Hospital visit is today!! First we got to go into the maternity ward where we got to see a little baby girl born! It is soooo different then the states. Victoria said that walking into the maternity ward of the hospital was like stepping back in time.   I can only compare it to watching an episode of MASH on TV.  One of the doctors asked us if we used paper charts like theirs back in the states. When we told him that we use computer charting mostly they all laughed and shrugged their shoulders.  All of the laboring … // Read more


Today is Wednesday and it has been rather interesting.  It started storming last night and the power was out when we woke up.  No power means that we had no hot water. I had to take a cold shower…it was invigorating!!! 😉  We left the camp for clinics but the route we normally take over the river was flooded from the storms.   We had to detour back up the mountain and take a different way to the clinic.  It was only supposed to take us 20 minutes and it ended up taking over an hour, but we made it … // Read more


We set up clinic at the church on the campground in Cofradia.  There is a nursing home located right next to the camp and we got to treat a lot of the nursing home residents.  It was an easy short day.  We only saw about 59 patients.  We normally have clinic till 3 but we ended up only going to noon because we had plans to go to town. We took the bus to La fundacion de parques nacionales te da la mas, which is a tourist spot.  It is located high up in the mountains with great views and … // Read more


We had clinic in Los Ploscentos on Monday and saw a total of 133 patients. I was part of the Pharmacy team this day with Taylor and Rebecca. The patient’s would bring their paper to us after the doctor had written the medications to give and we would fill the orders.  Then I would take the prescribed medication and explain how to take it with the help of a translator.  We had a wide variety of medications such as: antibiotics, anti-parasite, anti-inflammatories, pyretic, anti-diabetics, vitamins, prenatals, diuretics ect. We meet the coolest little fellow at Los Ploscentos! His name was … // Read more

Sunday in Honduras!

Hello again, I am writing you from a little Honduras restaurant in The Valley of Angels.  We are all about to eat pupusas! We can’t wait!!!  This morning we all woke up early and got ready to go to church in Tigucigalpa! It is our only “off” day that we get this week!  We are going to be able to go souvenirs  shopping for a few hours today before heading back to camp! If I had to guess I would say that we will be playing another game of Soccer with the locals at camp.  Soccer (Futball), is the main … // Read more

Hola! Clinics Begin!!

Today is the first day that we were able to host a clinic.  We all dressed in our scubs, loaded up our medication/equipment and headed to Casa Quemada. We all had to have translators because only one team member we brought is fluent in Spanish, although I think I will be close to it after this week is over! 😉 We set up 3 stations.  There was triage, the doctors, and then pharmacy.  I was in triage today, but I will have a chance to work in all 3 stations before we leave. In triage, We were the first to … // Read more

Bienvenidos a Honduras — Welcome to Honduras!

Buenos Dias! We are officially in Honduras! The entire crew was very excited and in great sprits despite the lack of sleep.  We had all been up for close to 25 hours! We had all heard horror stories about the landing in Tigucigalpa Honduras airport. It is the second most dangerous airport to land in the world but beside a little turbulence and a fast, hard landing it was not to bad.  Everyone on the plane did cheer and clap when the plane was safely down and had slowed. Upon landing, We had to wait in customs for our bags … // Read more

Fundraising and Pill Packing – Honduras Here We Come!

Hello everyone, We have been some busy college students this summer!! Our schedules have consisted of working our regular jobs, fundraisers, homework  and begining to pack for our incredible adventure to Honduras. As of today, We have already  had a fundraiser at chick-fil-a drive-thru outside Regency Square mall, and at Frostbite close to 7-points in Florence.  We also hosted a yard sale in town and sold lots of stuff and made some much needed cash! Last Sunday, August 29th, 2012, the group got together and started “pill packing”.  Everyone going on the trip paid an extra $40 so we could … // Read more