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Closing Time-Chelsea Hughes

Well today was our last night in China.  Leaving tomorrow will be very bittersweet, because I am so ready to see AMERICA and my family, friends, food, and sweet puppy, but I have enjoyed soaking in the culture and learning so many new things! The past two days might have been my favorites, aside from our performance night, because of the places we visited.  Yesterday, we visited one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Great Wall. I was so excited to climb it.  I was amazed by the beautiful landscape that surrounded the wall that stretches for over … // Read more

A China Tale- Chelsea Hughes

Today was our last night in Tianjin! They served us a beautiful farewell dinner, where the employee’s from TJFSU expressed their overwhelming gratitude for us visiting their university.  The past couple of days have been very hectic though.  Most classes were winding down and all the students were trying to do some last minute sight seeing as well. Yesterday, was also our performance of Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale.”  We have been rehearsing daily for this amazing opportunity to perform in CHINA! The show started at 7:00pm and we already had students in the auditorium by 5:45pm.  They were so excited … // Read more

Welcome Home!- Chelsea Hughes

This weekend I experienced Tianjin on a totally new level….I was fostered by a Chinese family!  On Saturday, all of the UNA students went home to spend the night with a host family.  At first, I was a little nervous to be staying with people I did not even know, but I soon gave into the idea that this would be a great story to share with my grand-kids one day.  I had two girls, Mindy and Fiona, pick me up at the school.  Then, by subway, met Hailey at Culture Street.  After I spent the day learning the history … // Read more

Let’s go to the Opera!- Chelsea Hughes

The past couple of days have been so fun! On Thursday night, we went on a boat right of the Haihe River. The view of Tianjin along the river was beautiful! Yesterday, we had some ladies who performed in the Beijing Opera come and speak to us. They performed famous pieces from the Opera, which included singing and dancing. They had trained since they were 12 years old to become performers in the opera.  When their dreams finally came true, they were four women selected out of 2,000 others.  Before the class was over, they taught some of us their … // Read more

On a Mission- Chelsea Hughes

We have spent the last couple of days truly soaking in the Chinese culture.  We had a class on the development, food, language, and art of Tianjin.  During the class, I fell in love with all the different types of artwork, especially the ones made out of CANDY!  I was now on a mission to find this beautiful art, so the next day we ventured out to Culture Street again.  While on my hunt for candy art, I came across a man who was hand painting calligraphy on to a scroll.  It was so amazing to watch him effortlessly create … // Read more

Confucius says…-Chelsea Hughes

Well I am back, so YES, I survived Mt. Tai! I am not going to lie though, there were some definite touch and go moments! But once we all reached the top, the view made every exhausting step worth it.  Yesterday, we took a tour of the home and temple of Confucius.  We had a lovely tour guide, John, who spent the day sharing his knowledge of Confucius and love for China with us.  These past two days have been amazing.  We have soaked up so much Chinese culture and even walked the same grounds as ancient Chinese philosophers.  I … // Read more

Welcome to China-Chelsea Hughes

Ni Hao, ya”ll! We have officially been in China for three days now and are having an amazing time! On Tuesday, Tianjin University welcomed us with open arms and presented us with a feast fit for a Chinese emperor.  Yesterday, we spent the day touring the Economic Museum and CultureStreet.  Culture Street is a great little market where you can use all your bargaining skills.  Today was our first official day of class, which, for us theatre kids, is rehearsal.  Our rehearsal space is outside in the University courtyard, so we had plenty Chinese students stopping to watch us perform. Tomorrow, … // Read more

Ready or not here I come!-Chelsea Hughes

Ni Hao, ya’ll! So I have gathered all my things needed for my newest adventure: Clothes-check, Shoes-check, Toiletries-check, Hair stuff-check, Camera-check, Essentials to Chinese Travel-check, Script-check, Lines memorized-well…that’s what the 13 hour plane ride is for, right? Ready or not China, HERE I COME!